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)Magic Detergent
)Magic Detergent
)Magic Detergent
)Magic Detergent
)Magic Detergent

)Magic Detergent


100% new and high quality.

Strong sterilization: the wall tiles and other ceramic tile wall sealant and other effective sterilization up to 99%.

Apply this product can easily remove the mold on the silica gel, gel texture can be used in the vertical plane or inclined plane.

1.Dry with a dry rag Moldy surface.

2.Completely cover at least 3mm moldy surface like a toothpaste.

3.Wait 4-8 hours No water in case of heat Wrapped in plastic wrap.

4.Until no mold is visible With water and rag Scrub clean.Stubborn mold waiting for more than 12 hours If it is not clean once, use it at least 2 times.Until the mold is completely removed!





Shelf life: use as soon as possible within 6 months after opening


1.Keep indoor ventilation before use, wipe the moldy black surface with a rag, and the wet environment willAffect the gel effect

2.To prevent the gel from hitting the hand when using it, you can wear rubber gloves.

3.If you are very sensitive to a little smell, you can wear a mask.

4.completely covered with moldy toothpaste at least 3mm in moldy black, do not wipe thin.

5.Prevent gel flow, can be fixed with plastic wrap, the effect is better.

6.Do not encounter water during the smear waiting for heat to prevent deformation.

7.waiting time can be extended to more than 12 hours and even longer, until the mold completely disappears.

8.If you encounter stubborn mold, do not remove it once, wipe it clean and repeat the operation.

9.After use, wipe the residual gel with a paper towel and rinse with plenty of water.

10. Gel is not used to remove yellow stains. Tiles on the yellow are recommended to use tile cleaner.

11. Some glass glue is moldy inside, the mold remover can not penetrate the bottom of the glass glue, suggesting tools Remove the glass glue, then use the mold remover, the new glass glue.

12. mold remover can only be used for PVC wallpaper, non-woven fabric and any cloth material only white Can be used.

13. high temperature, freezing or direct light will reduce the viscosity of the product, must be covered after use In a cool and dry place, it is best to use it within 6 months after opening.

14.Invalid use of discoloration or contamination by metal components, do not touch colored clothing.

15.Note that mold and gel are prohibited for aluminum products!


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